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Sony Video Conferencing Systems

Sony Company has definitely been at the front position of electronic development and design. The company comes with brilliant and novel electronic products and devices that have been made for both customers and businesses. Targeting business customers Sony has already come up with unique and new products and devices in video conferencing that have vowed the globe. These Sony video conferencing systems and products have helped augment marketing strategies, output efficiency and decreased the strain involved with vigorous traveling to regional headquarters and offices and now with arrival of high-definition video conferencing systems, the company has upped the stake by bringing the scenario of crispness and precision connected with high definition image and content.

Sony Conferencing Technologies

The company has determined that for a particular business to move forward it should be tough in this extremely competitive world. With this aspect, good and effective sony video conferencing systems can help in getting visually forthcoming in responding to different challenges in aggressive advertising practices. Together with launching the precision of high-definition video and top quality sound, Sony conferencing system has never been so resourceful than any other conferencing system. Several Sony conferencing systems possess maximum video transfer capability of 4 Mb/s over an internet protocol network providing high resolution videos of 1920 x 1080p. By adopting advanced encoding features like 4CIF format and H.263 video codec making it feasible for high definition broadcast over different IP networks.

Top Quality HD Sound Quality

Next is Sony video conferencing systems capability to reproduce precise sound without any shortage of fidelity and quality. Several Sony products have actually been fitted with noise reduction components and echo-cancellation devices to remove the irritating attribute of having to replicate each and every sound or phrase that you have uttered thereby decreasing the time taken to efficiently converse, thus making it less taxing for you and employees. One unique system is the effective Super Acoustic System. This is a unique transducer which is like an acoustic system. It has 6 radially prearranged unidirectional microphones along with 1 omni-directional speaker. Every microphone detects the echelon of audio where Sony video conferencing systems have been positioned and only permits the microphone with the biggest audio level transmission to filter through whilst at the same time reducing background noise.


The system is made in such a technique that sound is imparted horizontally in all the directions for a good teleconference meeting integrating as many 10 to 20 people. Sony conferencing systems utilize the following network features in their data transmission between 2 or several video conferencing systems:

  • HTTP (server)
  • TELNET (Server)
  • FTP (Server)
  • PING
  • SNMP (Agent)
  • DHCP (Client)
  • DNS (Client)
  • RTCP

All the protocols permit you to join different Sony video conference devices through multi-points in the most appropriate manner. These conferencing systems have been the favorite choice of many people familiar with video conferencing business because of their unique use to incorporate simplicity, adaptability and user-friendliness in a well-thought package.

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